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  1. Search by Keywords
  2. Filter Options
  3. Keyboard Shortcut
  4. Direct Path
  • AND Search
  • def open
  • Pyrase Search
  • "def open"

Filter Options

Can use along with the keywords

  • Filter by package
  • p:milkode
  • Filter by filename
  • f:test
  • Filter by suffix
  • s:rb
  • Filter by a filename or packge
  • fp:milkode
  • Filter by a filename or packge or contents
  • k:test
  • Extend to multiple lines search range
  • w:7 read write                          # Both of 'read' and 'write' to within seven lines are included
    w:0 read write                          # File all if 'w:0'

Keyboard Shortcut

  • s .. Focus search bar
  • S (Select text) .. Search using a selected text with new tab

Direct Path

Direct Path is a "Absolute Path"

  • Jump directly to a search for Direct Path.
  • /proj/a/file.rb:81                      # /#{package}/#{filename}:#{lineno}
    "/proj/a file.rb:3"                     # If spaces are included
    /proj1/file.rb:1 /proj2/file.c:2        # You can pass more than one value if you separate them by blank
  • Get by clicking the line number
  • Direct Path can work with emacs-milkode.